JBLeonard Photography | About

Too often I ignored the fascinating details of the world around me, yet Christmas 2009 it all came alive through the lens of my new Nikon D40.  Given as a gift, the sensational images I would see would give me the open windows to the soul I only observed with my eyes.

My family had no idea how exciting this new world would become for me.  Photography has become one of my great loves as I have added to my collection by purchasing new equipment to go with it.  The pleasure of it all is sharing in the memories, experiences, and stories of others whether they are friends, family, or strangers, both new and old. 

God has blessed me tremendously with the gift of perfect vision of viewing life behind a lens in a different light.  With this I feel my skills will become greater by allowing me to continue to photograph people, places, and things to capture thought provoking images to make one stop and say, “WOW!”

My husband Rich, daughter Rae, and sons Dan and Chris have become my greatest followers of my passion for photography.  The timeless memories are worth the journey for those smiles and giggles of happiness.

~Peace and Joy